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Does Your Public GET Your Message?

Learn Tips that Work on Twitter, According to New Analysis

In 1985, German researcher Friedhelm Hillebrand created text messaging. He figured cell phone carriers could offer this free method of communication, since it costs nothing to provide it, adding value to their service (which has turned out to be a boon for cell carriers, since they don’t believe in free). Because the average postcard had 150 characters, Friedhelm figured 160 would be plenty! He also made the mistake of not patenting his idea. Imagine the royalties – but I digress.

Fast-forward to July, 2006, and Jack Dorsey creates Twitter. Who knew this obscure service that was mainly a “status update” mode of communication would blossom into a media empire, where news breaks on it from all over the world?

Well, with the evolutions Twitter has made this year, the dynamics Twitter brings to your marketing campaign have evolved as well. If you don’t evolve with it, you will find your message being drowned out by the masses.

What Are People Tweeting?, a webpage analysis service, analyzed 750,000 links posted to Twitter. Their goal was to identify what people are sharing, from where and in what languages. The results prove that people are more visual, and validates what I’ve always said: people use social media to be entertained, informed and helped.

The analysis shows:

– 36% of all tweets are graphical in nature: infographics and pictures.

– 16% are articles

– 9% are videos

– The remaining 39% break down to various categories of products, landing pages, profiles, etc.

A Whopping 61% is for entertainment, information/education and help! What does this mean for you? Click here to see the results infographics.

What Does This Mean For You?

With this revelation, if you’re not already keeping those three reasons in mind when you construct your social media campaign, you are at a disadvantage. If you are, then you need to look at your tactics.

Tweet Pictures

For example, “a picture tells a thousand words,” as the old saying goes. What pictures are you using in your blog postings? If you use impactful pictures that pull you in, great! A new tactic: Don’t just tweet the headline, tweet the picture AND the link to the article. Use the picture icon in the tweet window to attach it, since now it actually displays it with the tweet when they expand the message.

Quality Content

It does my heart good to see articles (actually reading something that stimulates thinking) out did videos. If you are a follower of my writings, you know I stress “quality content” like a disciple trying to evangelize the world. Nothing replaces a good read that adds value and substance. This is a staple for anything marketing: website, blog, advertising, posts and newsletters. And, Google will reward you handsomely, since they’ve made a HUGE push in their latest algorithm update, Penguin, for authorship and quality content.

Articles are the most important part, even if you have to use a picture to get your public to read it. Why? It allows you to build credibility and trust, showcase your expertise and build a following. When it comes time that someone needs your service or product, you won’t have to do much selling since your articles already did that for you. So quality articles and blog posts are key!

Videos Entertain and Inform

A strong video can deliver your message profoundly and GO VIRAL! So whenever possible, use videos to promote your message. Open a YouTube channel, upload your content and embed it on your website. And, contrary to popular belief, it does not have to be a professional production. As long as you ensure it’s intriguing, done with passion and conviction, is well scripted and has a substantive message you will find interested viewers.

Not only can you tweet these, but sharing them on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other social networking sites will get you more exposure; extending the reach of your marketing campaign. Videos are powerful for the Generation X’ers, Y’ers and Millennials.

So make sure you are using Twitter effectively. It’s a powerful tool (read Twitter is a Powerhouse for Driving Traffic and Building Awareness – Click Here!) that when used effectively, can promote you to the masses and generate many leads. Learn what speaks to your audience and make sure you are using that mix. After all, if your target audience is Baby Boomers, you don’t want to be using a Millennial approach.



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