Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Other than making a website look good, what does a professional marketer bring to one’s website?

While aesthetics are important, a marketing professional will design a website based on problems that need solutions. For example, if you were to answer the following question, “What problems are your business struggling with right now?” The answers you provide will affect HOW a website should be designed. Too many people want to get into this lucrative business with the understanding that all they have to do is throw some images and text on a template, and make it look good.

This approach will cost your company double: the price for the ineffective site and the opportunity cost of business and sales lost. Therefore, you want to make sure your site is designed to address specific issues (traffic, customer service, SEO, reputation management, a combination thereof). This will provide a site that will provide results and a return on your investment.

Q. Why do I need a social media professional? Can’t I just join Facebook and Twitter and do it myself?

Well, you can do that, but that is not social media marketing, that’s social networking. While anyone can network, an effective marketing program is quite different.

For example, an effective program not only uses the known networks, but uses other networks and tools as well, so they can target market, filter unwanted followers (profane and crude), maintain ratios so that the networks do not limit your growth and protects your blog from being plagiarized.

Also, a professional creates effective content, so they can drive traffic to your website; which is the ultimate goal. Your website is where a sale takes place!

Q. With do-it-yourself software like MS Publisher and Adobe Dreamweaver available, why should I use a marketing professional?

The software that one uses is not the issue, but rather, the concepts one uses. The best example would be one who decides to represent oneself in a court of law and one who hires a lawyer—the outcome is usually extremely different. Which result would you prefer?

Q. What’s the difference between my local printer, who employs graphic designers, and a marketing professional?

While a printer can produce high-quality material, typically they produce what you provide and do not offer professional marketing consultation or copy writing services. For example, there are 22 laws of marketing that need to be adhered to if you want success. There are marketing strategies that deliver greater results than others. A marketing professional, like Success by Design, are experts in these areas.

Q. Isn’t a marketing professional expensive?

The answer is yes and no. An inexperienced marketer is extremely expensive, because you will pay for a service/material that will produce little to no results. An experienced marketer costs nothing, because advertising/marketing is paid for by the sales it generates. Therefore, it pays for itself.

Q. How do I get started?

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