Wille Mae Alexander

Willie Mae Alexander: BA, MBA, PhD and Managing GA | It’s Your Coverage

Eddie Velez is a God-fearing, kind, professional business owner.  He has superior website knowledge and is definitely someone you would want to manage your website. Referring clients to Eddie is easy because I know they will be completely satisfied.

Thanks, Eddie for your outstanding work!

Andrew Waller of Covnenant Keepers Benefits

Andrew Waller: Managing GA
Covenant Keepers Benefits

I was introduced to Mr. Velez by a very good friend and associate. I had been asking for over a year who was doing his layout and design work on his projects and website. He would always respond with a big smile, “Eddie Velez.” But it wasn’t until I actually worked with Eddie that I truly realized how talented and gifted he is. His professional approach, skill for art and design, and attention to detail is only surpassed by his customer service. Eddie’s our number one choice for copywriting and web design.

Annemarie Masson

Annemarie Masson: Artist
Annemarie Mason Art

Eddie and Natalie were an incredible source of valid information for me throughout my art show campaign. I trusted Eddie’s expertise and things unfolded exactly as he had advised and predicted – we had a very successful event. Eddie did more than I expected, I could rely on him at any moment and he went beyond the call of duty for me, more like a friend would rather than a business partner. Eddie knows marketing through and through, and he and Natalie are a great asset to the St.Petersburg community. Thank you Eddie and Natalie!

Marsha Friedman

Marsha Friedman: CEO of EMSI Public Relations

Eddie Velez has a vast knowledge of marketing and the tools to get one’s product known in the marketplace.  He’s also a very creative writer and talented designer, having designed web sites for many of our clients. And, our clients always have nothing but praise for his work, customer service, patience and caring.

He brings a lot of wonderful qualities to the table that will be invaluable to anyone who works with him.

Dee PercontiDee Perconti: Mixed-Media Collage Artist – St. Petersburg, FL

Everyone who has seen my website has RAVED!!!!!   It really is stunning.  The best I’ve ever seen.  A friend told me she looked at it over and over and kept it up on her computer for hours.  I am telling everyone that they need to contact you for an artist website.

Natalie, thank you so much for how you have displayed my art on Bella Unica!   I love every thing you did.  You made it look so inviting and professional . I love how you did the descriptions .  It is all so elegant!!!!

Also, Eddie Velez’s Social Media Marketing for Artists Seminar exceeded expectations in every way!

He is a gifted speaker and kept us riveted for the entire session. It was professional and fast moving, and informative. As artists, social media is an important part of our success. Eddie taught in detail the use of Facebook, Google +, YouTube and Instagram. He gave us practical tips about these and also about building relationships.  We learned to how to share, intrigue and persuade before getting to selling.

Eddie covered branding, logo design and the importance of blogging, pod casts, video and photographs. He clarified goal setting and gave us clear steps to creating a website. The amount of detailed information covered was incredible.

This Seminar is a must for every artist!

Keith Massey

Keith Massey, PhD.: Author of Top Secrets: Lesson for Success from the World of Espionage and Former Counter Terrorism Officer, National Security Agency

Eddie Velez is a master at what he does. Minutes into my consultation with him, I was so blown away by his command of the fields of web design and marketing that I knew I needed his expertise to take me to the next level. At every step of the way he was diligent, professional, and patient as he helped me arrive at a web presence I simply could never have produced on my own. He is lavishly generous with the resources and information he makes available on his website for free. Take a look at what he has to offer and you’ll soon know that you want him working to promote your success.

Brock Deskins

Brock Deskins: Author of The Sorcerer’s Path series and Amazon Top 50 Fiction Author

I had a highly successful run as an independent author writing fantasy for a few years, but when the market changed and my sales plummeted, I knew I had to change my approach and invest in myself. I did so by hiring Eddie Velez to design a website that would show people I’m a serious writer who creates engaging stories. He did not disappoint! Eddie worked hard and fast to roll out my new site before the holidays and delivered. The feedback I’ve gotten from visitors confirms I made the right choice in investing in myself and trusting in Eddie Velez.

Steve NieczkoskiSteve Nieczkoski: CEO and Co-Founder of Thermal Space Ltd.

Choosing Eddie Velez to design and develop our website (including company logo) was a simple decision, given the personal recommendation we received. Eddie dug in, learned our business enough to understand the language, customers and visuals. The results and service we received greatly exceeded our expectations! Eddie is creative, conscientious, expeditious and above all a gentleman who is pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Mr. Eddie Velez and Success By Design without exception.

LeRoy FlemmingLeRoy Flemming: Author of the Soul Splitting Series

I needed a great website and stumbled into Eddie, as he began to explain what he thought would work for me, I had to agree with him and my website is the hottest thing for my books. Thanks Eddie for listening and giving me what works for websites.

Gina WhiteGina White: Artist – St. Petersburg, FL

[Eddie Velez’s Social Media Marketing for Artists] seminar completely exceeded my expectations! There was SO MUCH info presented – all of which was pertinent. Each session was practical and had multiple “take-aways” that I can’t wait to go home and implement.



Kim AldermanKim Alderman: Author and Artist – St. Petersburg, FL

[Eddie Velez’s Social Media Marketing for Artists seminar was] mind blowing awesome! I learned everything I need to know and more.




Linda RobertsLinda Roberts: Author – Tampa, FL

Loved your workshop and all that I learned about websites, networking, and the digital toolbox. This is so helpful to anyone who wants to sell their art. The presentation was awesome and dynamic. Thanks so much for sharing your extensive knowledge in this arena.



Michael Bluemling, Jr.Michael Bluemling, Jr. (MHR): Author of Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian: A Road Map to Success for Veterans

Eddie Velez, with Success By Design, is one of the nicest people you could ever meet on top of being brilliant at what he does! The meticulous efforts he takes to ensure everything is flawless in his work, are impeccable. Having worked with my fair share of designers in my line of work as an inspirational speaker and published author, I have come to appreciate the extra effort someone takes to make sure the final product looks fantastic. The work that has been done on my website, in terms of quality and functionality, at www.Powerofonellc.com, is what I have been looking for, for two years; combining marketing with his eye-catching design. Have Eddie do your next project; you are going to be so happy with that decision!

Bill MawBill Maw: Author of The Work-Life Equation

I found Eddie Velez when I came across a website that I really liked and which he had designed. Since then, Eddie has helped me navigate the process of building out a great website, ensuring it is adequately hosted and supported, and assisted me with my social media strategy and program.

Eddie is a man of many talents. He is professional, trustworthy, reputable, pays attention to detail and delivers a truly high-class product. He is also resourceful, fast, efficient, fair and reliable! What more do you need?

Randy H. NelsonRandy Nelson: Author of The Second Decision

Success By Design exceeded my expectations! I am a recently published author, and asked Eddie to design and build a website that had a very professional look, with multiple interactive pages. Eddie was great to work with, and educated me during the project on all of the various aspects of the website and its technical aspects/advantages. When I wanted to make changes, Eddie was extremely responsive and had great suggestions for improvement along the way. I highly recommend Eddie and Success By Design, A+!!


Maria KarounosMaria Karounos: Languages Etc., LLC

“I was referred to Success by Design, Eddie Velez, by a very reputable [Public Relations] company. Before even speaking with me, Eddie had me fill out a series of targeted questions to help him understand my company and the services we offer. I knew we were off to a great start! Throughout the development of my website, Eddie scheduled meetings to show stages of the creative output, including tips on how to drive traffic to my website as soon as it was live.

Eddie is resourceful and always available to answer questions. I found him to be an expert in the field. Thank you, Eddie!”

Dennis HurshDennis Hursh: Hursh & Hursh, P.C.

I initially contacted Eddie Velez because I wanted to add a page about media coverage to my site.  I was very happy with my website – it was very professional looking (I had hired another web designer to completely redo the site less than a year earlier.)  I expected to get a quick quote. Instead, Eddie took a considerable amount of time looking at my site, and trying to determine what I was accomplishing.  As we spoke, Eddie realized that I was using 3 sites for blogging on different topics, and had a separate site for my book.  Eddie explained the SEO advantages of combining these sites onto my main site.

I quickly realized that Eddie was far more knowledgeable than my prior designers (or at least far more concerned about a satisfied customer). Eddie promised a date for completion and beat it by several weeks.  As we worked on getting the site perfect, Eddie continually helped me with general marketing issues, always explaining why he was suggesting the changes he recommended.

The end result is a site that should be much more effective.  As an added bonus, the site looks significantly better than the site I was already pleased with.  I would recommend Eddie Velez for any project, without reservation.

Matt ShaferMatt Shafer: Author of The Future of Your Wealth

Eddie has designed websites for two of my enterprises:  The Future of Your Wealth and Raystown Reach.   He has also managed my social media for these ventures, which has significantly increased the online footprint of both of them.   He is passionate, knowledgeable and direct – exactly what you need to maximize your brand in the digital age.   Eddie spends a great deal of time getting to know your unique goals and then helps to develop your online voice.   Do yourself a favor, stop trying to do things on your own and hire Eddie now!

Jim StarrJim Starr: Author of the Jersey Yogi – The Unintentional Enlightenment of an Uptight Man

Ideally, a website designer should possess technical ability, artistic prowess and marketing savvy. If he/she is lacking in any of these areas, the resultant product will suffer. Eddie has these important qualities in abundance. He is also fair, prompt, flexible and generous. I highly recommend Eddie Velez.



Darlene QuinnDarlene Quinn: Author of the Webs series saga

One of the best decision I made in 2014, was to connect with Eddie Velez and put my website in his competent hands. He has excellent marketing skills and knowledge of the market place. Not only is Eddie creative, I have found that he continues to look for innovating ways to increase his client’s sales. Most important, he is reliable. I can count on Eddie to get back to me and to follow through on each and every project. His listening and communication skills are exceptional. He understands my goals and implements them in a timely fashion.  He is my third and last webmaster, and by far the very best. I know we will have a long and satisfying relationship.

Ronald WalterRonald L. Walter, CPCM: Lieutenant Colonel, USA (Retired)
Author of  Theory of Everything: Franciscan Faith and Reason

Eddie Velez has provided consistent, exceptional service in designing and maintaining my website.  He has on more than one occasion gone the extra mile to educate me in the ways of technology and proven himself to be an outstanding team player in working with my publicist to integrate branding, messaging and graphic designs.  He stands behind his work and is prompt in responding to any inquiries I have concerning a wide variety of issues — often clearly outside the scope of our formal agreements.  Eddie is a man of integrity, and it is without reservation that I recommend him and the services he offers through Success by Design.

Dr. Erin LeonardDr. Erin K. Leonard, LCSW, PhD: Author of Emotional Terrorism: Breaking the Chains of a Toxic Relationship and The Battle Against Juvenile Bullying

Eddie Velez grew up on the streets of New York City. As a teenager he and his brother joined the neighborhood watch in order to protect their friends and neighbors from the growing number of gangs infiltrating their neighborhoods. Their group was called “the Guardian Angels.” Many years later, Eddie, a brilliant designer, leader in business, and expert in social media, has become my guardian angel. He monitors, protects, enriches and enhances everything related to me on the Internet. He has quadrupled my book sales in one month. He is brilliant, but real, and he feels like family.

Pastor-Tom2Rev. Tom Thierfelder: Faith Lutheran Church, Carbondale, Colorado

A formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications.

What a privilege to share with you my experience working with Mr. Eddie Velez of Success By Design! Eddie was recommended to me by a church member. Eddie was described to me as a Christian man who loves his Lord and growing the Kingdom of God. That recommendation was right on! From start to finish our website and design was and is a great success! Eddie has an eye for design and he is in my opinion an expert! What impresses me the most is Eddie’s prompt response when any issue arises and his ability to patiently walk this tech dummy pastor in making changes and updating our church website. I highly recommend Eddie and Success By Design your project. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our website and the service….. no…. relationship, that we continue to enjoy with Eddie and Success By Design!

Peter DashPeter Dash: Author of Zurabia

Eddie Velez, with his incredible design capabilities, and true sensitivity and interest in client needs, puts together websites that awe! I have worked with a variety of publicists who work with the top book best sellers and top US media, for example. I can truly say that Eddie stands at the top in getting desired results for whatever level of investment you make. That has been my experience.


Steve FogelSteven Jay Fogel: Principle of Westwood Financial Corp. and Author of My Mind Is Not Always My Friend

I’m very impressed with Eddie Velez.  He was recommended to me by my PR people and did a fantastic job, both exceedingly professional and very eye catching.  From now on he is my digital GO TO GUY!


Mark Bruce RosinMark Bruce Rosin: Editor and Author

Eddie Velez is a wonderful web site designer.   He combines his talent for design with an expertise in web technology and in what makes a web site serve the needs of each particular client.   And he is a pleasure to work with!




Alex HinojosaAlex Hinojosa: VP of Media Operations for EMSI Public Relations

I just wanted to send you a note that I LOVED the website you built for Vassula.  Color me very impressed!




Nader AshchiNader Ashchi: CEO of Success Story International  and Author, Entrepreneur and Empowerment Coach

I have had the pleasure of working with Eddie Vélez when I was the Chief Operating Officer of an international travel company. I had the distinct pleasure of promoting Eddie to Vice President of Marketing and Training. This promotion was the best decision I made while with that company.  Eddie was the driving force behind the sudden growth of the company.  He is a genius.

As the VP of Marketing and Training, Eddie was responsible for creating, designing and implementing the marketing strategy, material and training solutions for our sales force. His instrumental work as trainer and speaker, complemented by his top-notch marketing material, resulted in an 800% growth in sales within a 9-month period.

I was so pleased with Eddie that ever since I use Eddie to create brochures, logos, art work and write marketing strategies for all my businesses.  As an author, speaker and international corporate coach, the quality of my marketing material is critical and I can always rely on Eddie to deliver excellence. I highly recommend Eddie to anyone who needs an effective, morally sound and hard-working marketer and designer, who has a fantastic work ethic.

Christopher R. BellChristopher R. Bell: Co-Founder and Vice President – Mr. Strong Foundation

Eddie:  I don’t know where we’d be without you – and don’t want to even guess!  You are truly a Godsend to our Foundation and we cannot begin to express how appreciative we are for all your creative genius and dedication to this project.



Michelle MoralesMichelle M. Morales: Founder and CEO – Mr. Strong Foundation

I apologize that it took me so long to decide whether or not to go with you or the other bid. Obviously, we made the right choice going with you. You will forever have our business and cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us. I will definitely pass your name along to all my friends who may need web design, because you exceeded my expectations. Amazing work!


I absolutely love the brochure. Your work gets better and better, day by day. I can’t thank you enough for working with you. I know I keep saying that, but you truly are amazing! 🙂

Donna Fullerton and Sharon BrickDonna Fullerton and Sharon Brick: Co-Founders and Co-Authors of The Freedom Zone

It was a pleasure working with Eddie Vélez of Success by Design, who brilliantly brought our vision of The Freedom Zone web presence to life.  Through comprehensive conversations, attention to detail and his vast marketing/web experience, he totally got the message we wanted to communicate about the distinctions we discuss in our book. Then he successfully transformed his understanding of our work into a website that reflects our message, both in tonality and imagery.  While we were pleased with the product, the feedback we have been receiving from visitors is so in sync with our intentions, which is further testimony to the fact that Eddie successfully captured how we wish our message to be viewed in the world.

Jeff LenningJeff Lenning: CPA, CTIP and President of Click Consulting

Hey man…thanks!  Dude, I am so happy with the site, you did an outstanding job. So pro!  Your graphic taste and touch is really good…THANK YOU.




Timothy ChristianTimothy Christian: Author of Behaviors of Change

When I was introduced to Success By Design, I had no idea what to expect with the design and launch of my new website. What I quickly learned is that Eddie Velez, owner of Success by Design, is not only a consummate professional, but also a man of strong faith. Eddie guided me through the entire website creation process quickly and affordably, while offering very helpful industry guidance to ensure the site fit well with current trends and my brand, and was positioned well for future enhancements. Thank you, Eddie, not only for your partnership and great service, but also for your fellowship!

Laura StackLaura Stack: The Productivity Pro

Thanks to Success by Design and Eddie Vélez for a great Twitter background design! When I approached Eddie, I was a bit apprehensive, since I found him on Twitter rather than a referral or recommendation. But Eddie allayed my concerns quickly, and he was patient and creative. He worked with me until I was completely satisfied with my design. I happily recommend Eddie if you’re bored with your Twitter background!


Jason B. HenryJason B. Henry: Author of Waiting on God

Whohooooo!!!!! Amazing! Love it! It all came together! You did a great job on this and made  it come to life.





Greg AndrettaGreg Andretta: CEO and Founder of Andretta Properties, Inc.

I was referred to Eddie by a friend to upgrade and update my web site. He listened to what I wanted, made very good recommendations and his response to timing on getting the new website up was tremendous. I recommend Eddie to all my friends whenever the subject of websites come up. A class act!

JoAnne LutatJoAnne Lutat: Owner of JoAnne’s Nails

Eddie is on the ball! I had been using a free blog site incorrectly as a website. Eddie created a very professional and beautiful website for me in only a few weeks after I called. Not only did he create a great site, he was generous with information and tips to help me use it as a productive marketing tool. After launching the site, a hacker attacked it. Eddie spent numerous hours over several days ridding the site of dangerous code and securing it against future attacks. I never would have been able to do any of this myself. Eddie’s knowledge and expertise saved the day.

Thanks Eddie!

Rosy Rodriguez: CEO and Founder of The Message Manager

Eddie was phenomenal! The site looks better than I had anticipated. He provided exceptional customer service. The initial consultation was thorough and he was always an email away to answering my questions promptly. I believe he went above and beyond his call of duty by giving constant feedback and offering creative ideas. The work was completed on time. In fact, it only took 7 days to complete the project. The quote was fair with no surprise fees. Overall, a positive experience. Would recommend to anyone looking for a web design.

Esther Francis JosephEsther Francis Joseph: Author of “Memories from Hell; Visions of Heaven: A Story of Survival, Transformation and Hope”

It was a pleasure working with Eddie! Eddie was able to take my vision and create the website that I dreamed of. I have worked with other designers in the past, but Eddie was patient and listened to my ideas, so that together, we were able create an effective site that reflects my message and sells my products.

Now that I’ve found Eddie, I have no reason to look anywhere else for my website needs.

Beth SnyderBeth Snyder: President of Family Health America, Wichita, Kansas

Having you as a member of our team has helped us create a marketing plan which will help us achieve our objectives. Working with you has truly given our company its own marketing department. Prior to our association with you and Success by Design, our marketing material, quite honestly, made Family Health America , L.C. look like a small company without a lot of financial resources. Through our association with you, however, has helped us to create a look that I am absolutely certain will result in tremendous growth for our company and a much brighter future! Eddie, words on a page can’t explain how much we appreciate all of the wonderful assistance you are providing to us. I would enjoy the opportunity to speak with anyone interested in using your services. I truly believe that for any company, making an investment in your services will provide a great return for many years to come.

Sylvie HacheSylvie Haché: Author of “Insight In Sight: Was I Born Like This”

I just received a glorious compliment about how “Impressive!” my website is.  All the credit goes to you, Eddie.  Thank you again for having made a creation that I am so proud to call my own.  You are truly gifted, and it is a Blessing for me to receive this great gift you have given me.

May God continue to Bless all the works of your hands!


Christopher RosalieChristopher Rosalie: Author of “Bullied to Death: It Almost Happened to Me”

My name is Christopher Rosalie. I am the owner of the website “Bulliedtodeathbook.com”, which was professionally and superbly created and designed by Mr. Eddie Velez.

At the time that I needed a website and had to have one designed and up and running in a short amount of time I can honestly say that Mr. Velez truly came through for me.

I had recently hired a Public Relations firm (EMSI), based in Florida, to represent me on my campaign against bullying and based on my book “Bullied To Death…It Almost Happened To Me.”

When I told Steve Friedman that I was in search of someone to design a website for me, based on my anti-bullying message, he immediately recommended Mr. Eddie Velez.

I can honestly say that working with Mr. Velez on the creation of my website was one of the best professional experiences I have ever had. Being that I was essentially a novice at the creation and designs of a website, Mr. Velez talked me through the entire process; step by step, he patiently answered any questions I had in the most professional manner and quoted me a most reasonable price for his services. He also assisted me in setting up accounts with sites that I would need such as Paypal and Linkedin, for which I will always be grateful for his help.

The website that Mr. Velez designed for me, “Bulliedtodeathbook.com” has received much praise from many people I know, both friends and business related. Mr. Velez designed a website for me in the short amount of time that was needed to get my anti-bullying campaign up and running, and had the website online in ample time as well. The website is truly outstanding, it captures the very essence of my message and I would most definitely recommend Mr. Velez’s services to anyone who is currently in need of a website.

Billy D PageBill D. Page: Author of Multiple Children’s Books

Over the past two years, three web designers have tried to develop a web site for me. They were unable to make a viable site that would advertise, publicize and provide for purchase of the books I have written. Mr. Velez did so with little difficulty. The final result is something of which I am very proud.

He has been extremely easy to work with and very understanding of my lack of knowledge regarding computers and the varied benefits they offer. He has been an invaluable instructor, advisor and friend, though we have never met. His help goes far beyond what I had expected for the amount I paid him.

The e-newsletter was his idea. I get the publicity from that as an added bonus that is an outgrowth of our relationship. He continues to assist in web site needs as he attends to designing, editing and mailing the newsletter.

I guess the only way I could be any happier with the service I get from Eddie would be if he didn’t charge me at all. That’s a little much to expect—don’t you think?

Francisco PalaciosFrancisco Palacios: Barrier Systems, LLC

I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your company and services. You came highly recommended and now I understand why. When Willie told me that you not only produce top-notch material, with a rapid turnaround, I immediately thought, “I’ll bet he’s expensive!” I was pleasantly surprised! In business, I’ve learned that there are three choices: 1) Fast, 2) Good and 3) Reasonably Priced. You can pick any two; you cannot get all three. You definitely broke that rule!


Michael Jenkins: A Personal Fit Training

Eddie…Thanks so much for your expertise in marketing and graphic creation.  Your ability to understand a target audience and verbalize my company’s services to that audience, was so valuable and far exceeded my expectations.  I believe my business will continue to prosper due to the investment I made in your abilities, and would not hesitate to recommend Success by Design to ANYONE who wishes to increase their visibility within their market.  In my opinion, your service was far under priced for the quality of work you delivered in record time.