Are Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Missing the Mark?

Get the help you need to drive traffic to your website for more sales!

The obstacles that once existed for someone to deliver his or her message to the public have been lowered dramatically! While this is great news in general, it’s also bad. Why? Social media marketing is part science and part art, and not everyone has the “art” part down effectively, nor understand the science part. Remember, having tools doesn’t necessarily make you a carpenter!

social media marketingYou see, the three reasons someone uses social media (businesses not included in this statement) are to be:

1. Entertained

2. Informed

3. Or helped

If you’re not doing one or all three of these, you’re not doing an effective campaign.

Where most people fail is they are too commercial, or they use the typical “talking points” everyone has become desensitized to in trying to promote whatever they sell. In doing so, you push away possible prospects.

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Get an Effective Social Media Program for Your Organization

Success by Design’s social media program is designed with one ultimate goal in mind: getting traffic to your website, so you have the opportunity to make a sale—period! All other flowery explanations anyone may give…

“To help build your following…”

“To get a broad footprint…”

“To build awareness and engage…”

“To create credibility and trust…”

…are the results of a well-designed social media program, but they are NOT the ultimate goal.

Social Media MarketingFull Service or A La Carte!

With Success by Design, you can choose a full-service option, where everything is done for you (with just a few exceptions necessary for the campaign to reflect your voice and expertise); or you can pick and choose the service you need for a custom-designed solution. Services include:

1. Professional content creation

2. Distribution of content

3. Blogging

4. Managing your group’s interaction

5. Creating your social media infrastructure

6. Managing your campaign for you

So contact us and get your questions answered. Fill out the request form in the sidebar and learn what your options are. After all, asking questions cost nothing, but being armed with information is extremely valuable.

Make sure you enjoy success, with your social media, by design!

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