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websitesWhile many people argue that social media is the key component to promote one’s company, product or message today (and it is “A” key component), one thing has NOT changed—your website is still the hub of your marketing wheel! Your website is the store front where several things take place:

1. You educate your customer on your offering and your expertise.
2. You showcase your product, service or message in its best light.
3. You capture a lead/prospect for ongoing “drip” marketing and future sales.

You can have a stellar social media marketing program and public relations campaign, but once they get to your website, if it does not pull them in and make them WANT to read what you have to say, then all of your efforts and investments have been flushed down the drain.


The Architecture of a Good Website

There are several things that are a must for a good website. The lack of any of these will diminish the return on your investment. While this is not an exhaustive list, it makes the point of why choosing a marketing professional like Success by Design is an important decision. Let’s look at these.

Good Aesthetics

Your website has to look good, professional, clean and appealing. However, many people take this to the extreme! Too much “eye candy” can distract from your message.

Quality Content

How you say what you say is more important and effective. You have one paragraph to get your reader’s attention; sometimes only one headline. You’d better make it count!

Proper Layout and Use of Space

Besides making sure that your real estate is used effectively, it must also be used “properly” for Google to notice you.

Social Media Considerations

With social media being a key component, you want to make sure it’s properly designed to send people to your networks and allow them to recommend and comment on your website to THEIR own social media following.

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What Makes a Good Website?