“You can tell how intelligent a person is by what he says; you can tell how wise a person is by the questions he asks.” Naguib Mahfouz

Get Keen Insight for Your Marketing Project

disappointedToday’s market place is too busy, noisy, and people filter. With the advent of social media, small companies and startups have been handicapped when it comes to branding and positioning. How do you get your audience’s attention if they are:

  • Filtering ads and pop-ups?
  • Have a limited time to dedicate to surfing?
  • Trust their peers on social media over Google searches and advertising?
  • Don’t pay attention to commercials and advertising from unknown brands?

Darlene QuinnEddie has excellent marketing skills and knowledge of the market place. Not only is He creative, I have found that he continues to look for innovating ways to increase his client’s sales. His listening and communication skills are exceptional.

Darlene Quinn: Author of the popular Web Series

beth snyderHaving you as a member of our team has helped us create a marketing plan which will help us achieve our objectives. Working with you has truly given our company its own marketing department.

Beth Snyder: President of Family Health America, Wichita, Kansas


These questions and more are covered in your consultation with Eddie Velez. You will get information particular to your project, company and offering, but also learn:

  • How to effectively setup your online marketing infrastructure.
  • What is the online tripod for success and the priority of the legs?
  • Why Public Relations leads and advertising follows?
  • What IS public relations and how to effectively develop a marketing portfolio?
  • How to curate content for your blog?
  • How to capitalize on good mentions and how to quash any bad to manage your reputation?
  • How to be notified of any traffic mentioning you, so you can react in time?
  • And much more!

Get the Information Necessary to Strategize, Plan and Execute Effectively

consultationKnowing is half the battle; applying the knowledge is the other half. Get your questions answered, gain insight and direction to save time and money, and have a successful launch or transition. It will also help you to troubleshoot an ineffective campaign.

All clients who order a consultation will receive a 10% discount off any services, should you desire to hire Success by Design to assist you in your implementation.

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