Eddie Velez and Success By Design makes your on-page SEO right so you can be found on Google and Bing

Make Sure Your Website is Google and Bing Friendly!

Your on-page SEO makes a HUGE difference on whether you rank well on Google and Bing, locally and nationally. Do you know if your website is Google friendly? Don’t have time to do it yourself? We can help you!

Let Success By Design Optimize Your Website!

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Success By Design will make sure your WordPress website is optimized in 17 specific areas. We will check and correct:

  • Page Names
  • Headings for your content
  • Keywords in headings
  • Check your content for typos, grammatical and punctuation errors to pass Google’s quality controls
  • Meta Description in header
  • Meta descriptions for your website pages individually
  • Proper use of Alt Tag/Alt Text for images
  • Optimization of images for the smallest footprint possible for faster speed
  • Setup a content delivery system for your images

  • Caching of your website
  • Ensuring your social-media profiles are connected properly
  • Create sharing buttons for social-media networks
  • Create your Google Analytics Account and add it to your website
  • Create your XML sitemap and upload it to your public_html folder
  • Create your Google My Business local account for local searches
  • Provide you with a link and message to send to friends and clients to write local reviews

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