How to Take Advantage of Disruptive Technologies

How to Take Advantage of Disruptive Technologies

Technology continues to evolve at a record pace and has disrupted the status quo of many industries, leaving traditional workers out of jobs. In order to stay ahead of the curve, you must upgrade your skills and tap into technologies which are transforming traditional industries.

Workers who are no longer needed will be displaced as technology steps in to do their jobs automatically. But this also creates opportunity as new tech talent will be needed to implement and maintain these technologies. You just have to be on the right side of the equation.

Here’s a list of industries prone to disruption and how to get on the right side of the change.

Travel Industry

A few years ago, it was common for travelers to reach out to their travel agent, who would book them flights and hotels, all while offering attractive packages and discounts. These days, travel agents are becoming more and more scarce as many travelers have simply turned to travel websites like Kayak, Expedia and Travelocity.

To be on the right side of this transition, you must consider who is responsible for building and maintaining these websites – web developers.

Web developers have been able to build a product capable of replacing the traditional travel agent. If you are interested in web development, there are many options to train for your new career.

Transport Industry

The traditional taxi is becoming more and more obsolete as ride-hailing apps take over the industry. The sector has been revolutionized by the likes of Uber, Lyft and Grab, which allow users to hail a ride at the click of a button on their smartphone.

This transformation has been made possible by mobile developers, a career path easily obtainable with the right training. In the future, this industry will face further technological disruptions as machine learning and artificial intelligence replace human drivers.

Television Industry

Even the biggest networks in the television industry are suffering the consequences of new technologies. Customers are dropping their traditional TV services, choosing to stream instead. Major companies like Netflix and Hulu have invested vast amounts of money on qualified tech talent. For example, they have hired software engineers to develop better products, as well as improve their services. If software engineering interests you, follow this link to learn more and where to receive training to enter the field.

Data Storage Industry

More and more companies are relying on cloud computing services these days and the use of services like AWS has become essential.

This is because data is the most valuable resource in this digital era and companies can now feel safe as valuable information is backed up in the cloud.

Cloud computing is not only helping companies’ backup their valuable data, but also lower costs, as they don’t need a physical server as part of their infrastructure.

Recruitment Industry

Just as travel agents are being displaced by booking websites, so too are job recruiters being replaced by hiring websites. For example, LinkedIn and Indeed are popular recruitment websites that have eliminated the need for a middleman. These websites are also in need of developers.

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