Twitter is a Powerhouse for Driving Traffic and Building Awareness!

Here are some effective tactics for great results

It’s amazing what a little innovation, with what may have not seemed like much at the time, can become a revolution that changed the world. Who would’ve thought the ability to send a 140-character messages, online mind you (where you can already send a full thought via e-mail to a group) would catch on. But it did!

Not only did it catch on, it changed the way people communicate today: news breaks on Twitter, trends are tracked, traffic is driven and millions can share a thought in seconds. To a very busy world where time is money, tweeting is very valuable. So here are some tips for getting better results from your tweeting.

Have Fun, but Add Value!

As I’ve said before, people use social media for entertainment, information and to find solutions. If all you ever did was have fun and provide meaningless, albeit, interesting tidbits, sooner or later people will stop paying attention.

So share value! Are you a great baker? Share how to create an awesome cake or dessert. Do you help people with taxes? Share a money-saving tax tip. Do you know something that will help people be more productive? Share it!

Create Lists

If you have more than one message to share, create lists so that you’re not mixing demographics. For example, let’s say you’re avid about your faith, but are also a great computer repair person. Make a list for sharing your faith and one for sharing computer tips. Now you can invite people to participate in both, but this gives them the choice and keeps them paying attention.

Use Hash Tags

Hash tags are a great way of making it easier to find your information for those who’re not connected with you. Those who are will receive your tweets regardless, but those who are not have no idea you exist. But if you shared a computer repair tip and used the hash tag #PCrepair, anyone looking for those tips can find it and become a follower.

Moreover, they are great to get the attention on a certain demographic. Let’s say news just broke on the latest virus that has found a way to not only kill your hard drive, but cause your monitor to burnout also, called “Bummer.” Well, you just happen to write an amazing blog on how to protect yourself and how to remove it. If you tweet it with the hash tag #Bummer, not only those looking for a solution will find it, but journalists who mine Twitter for sources of content for news stories, may be contacting you for a quote. Talk about possibly going viral!

Have A Great Website Ready for the Traffic!

Twitter is a powerhouse for getting attention, but not for disseminating the information on its own. You see, 140 characters can only say so much; therefore, the goal is to say it concisely and then provide a link to the source of the information—your blog or website!

If you are looking to gain awareness, build credibility and trust, or promote a book, product or service, Twitter is a powerhouse for doing so. But if your website is not effective from a marketing standpoint, once you get the follower to it, they may go away thinking, “All this build up and when I get here, nothing.”

So make sure it’s laid out effectively, that it’s attractive, that it’s ready to subscribe someone to your blog or that it’s easy for them to ask for more information. But most importantly, make sure that it is well written to pull them in and make the site sticky.

Twitter is an amazing innovation that will give your strategy for delivering your message great legs! But after you’ve sent your message walking out into the Twitterverse, make sure that you’re ready for the visitors. After all, you don’t want to have done it all for nothing. See you on a retweet!



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