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Is Your Marketing and Communication Pulling People in or Pushing Them Away?

Words have power. They paint mental pictures, elicit emotion and guide thought which leads to action. Copywriting is the most important part of your website and too many people think that the look and feel will convince people to buy.

While I agree the user experience leads, because if you don’t pass the smell test, your message won’t be read. But make no bones about it, your message is what does the persuading and selling.

The Words You Use Determine the Effect of Your Message!

Important questions! Did you write your copy yourself? If so, what guided your choices? Was it what you thought you would want to hear, what someone suggested, or did you just put information pertaining to your offering thinking it would suffice? Now here’s the hard question. Is it working?

Copywriting is not just art; there’s a science to it. Once the science has been answered, the creative adds the emotion, removes the logic and creatively meets your prospect where he or she may be, so you take them where you want them to go. It’s what decides whether someone takes action (subscribes to your blog or newsletter, or buys something).

Make Your Website and Marketing Material a Conversion Machine

Have Success by Design’s Eddie Velez write your copy and make your message jump off the page, grab someone by the heart and pull him or her in.


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