June 8, 2012
Your Reputation is Everything! Are You Managing it Online

Your Reputation is Everything! Are You Managing it Online?

I learned from my father that a man (woman too) have only two things that matter: their name and word! If you lose any one of those two you have nothing! And while character is what you’re in charge of; reputation is what everyone else creates and your reputation is everything. So, how are you managing it online?
October 18, 2011
Are you too trusting

Are You Too Trusting Online? It Can Cost You Big!

Bitdefender, a leading provider of security software for computers, conducted a study in social media to see how easy it was to compromise one’s account. What does this study show? We can learn two things: a) one should not trust anyone they do not personally know online and b) why social media marketing is such a powerful tool.
September 20, 2011

Do You Know Who’s Watching You Online?

Since every computer is issued an “Internet Protocol” address (IP address, which is reflected numerically, e.g., wherever you go a digital trail is recorded. Not only is the trail recorded, what you looked at, searched for and clicked on is also captured. Imagine what a company could do with this information? What could the government do? What could a child molester or rapist do? The implications are staggering! But, what choice do we have if we need to use the Internet? You can’t crawl back to the Stone Age! Read on and learn how you can protect yourself and your privacy.