October 18, 2011
Are you too trusting

Are You Too Trusting Online? It Can Cost You Big!

Bitdefender, a leading provider of security software for computers, conducted a study in social media to see how easy it was to compromise one’s account. What does this study show? We can learn two things: a) one should not trust anyone they do not personally know online and b) why social media marketing is such a powerful tool.
October 11, 2011
the right tool for the right job

Free Business Tools for a Recessionary Economy

"...if you’re a small business, non-profit organization, church or proprietor, then you probably are among the masses struggling financially through this economy. However, your business does not have to suffer (as much). You can still project a professional image and do business like a pro with the help of the following free tools..."
October 3, 2011

Is Facebook Worse than Big Brother? Your Facebook Profile Would Give the FBI Envy!

Ever since 9/11 our rights have been slowly eroded. The mantra being that we need to do these things for security. To which I quote Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up their liberty for more security, deserve neither liberty nor security.” It’s not a matter of whether you’re doing something you would be ashamed of (I pray that is not the case with any of you… or me), but rather asking the question, what gives anyone the right to gather private information on anyone, other than if he or she is committing a crime?