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creative writing“There used to be a time when healthcare insurance was not an issue; but then Eve bit the Apple, Adam followed suit and the underwriters were not too far behind (no correlation between the serpent of the garden and the medical emblem… but with insurance, it does make you wonder). Healthcare insurance is expensive! It doesn’t have to be.”

Written by Eddie Velez

How you say what you say is more important! You can say, “Our product will streamline your operation and save you a lot of money.” Or you can say, “Why would you settle for more work, higher cost and lost sales?”

Marketing and sales content writing is something many people overlook—at a very high cost! Why would someone spend good money for a great design and be stingy on their message? It’s like asking why would someone woo the love of their life perfectly, only to blow popping the question!?! Who knows?

The most important part of your website is the content. Slick graphics, animations and sounds cannot replace a good read that pulls the heart string, so the mind and body will follow…. as Robert Kiyosaki would say.

Don’t scrimp on your message; it tells the story and makes the sale!

Professional Copywriting

Make sure that you get a professional copywriter (not to be confused with a copyrighter), so that you maximize the impact and return of your website. Make your site sticky!

“People would tell me that I was the best speaker they’ve ever heard. But I was asking, ‘If I’m the best you’ve ever heard, why aren’t you buying anything?’ It was because I was telling; I wasn’t persuading.”

The late Jim Rohn

Success by Design can ensure that your message is packaged for high impact! Don’t take chances on persuading your audience; ensure your message is delivered every time, with Success by Design!

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