With Social Media, Artists Don’t Need an Art Gallery

There used to be a time when having an art gallery represent an artist was the only opportunity of becoming discovered. One was pigeon-holed into their local community, sending press releases and attending every art event possible. Do you think this was 20 or 40 years ago? Think again; it was only a short 5 to 10 years ago. MashableThen MySpace appeared and the social-media network craze was born. This eventually led to viable solutions for reaching the masses like Facebook, who toppled MySpace as the kingpin, and soon came Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. As Mashable would write, “Why Social Media is the New Art Gallery.” The paradigm had shifted.

Does this mean you don’t want your work in an art gallery? Of course you do! However, today you have options that can make galleries chase you – not the other way around. How so? Consider Tina Garrett, who was interviewed by Success by Design. She started painting a little over four years ago. Today, she’s an Associate Living Master, has her work in many private collections in the US and UK, and has her work displayed in traveling museum shows. She attributes her rapid success to social media.

growing your networkYou see, social media has side-stepped traditional media (newspapers, magazines, TV and radio) who controlled what the masses consumed. Now, anyone with a great idea, product or message can bring it directly to the masses, sparking interest that can hit exponential growth. Complement this with modern technology, and you can create a gallery online, promote it with video like a TV station, share it with a podcast like a radio show, and blog about it like a magazine.

When we consider that bloggers are trusted more than the media, and have become a growing and accepted medium of consuming news and making buying decisions (according to CRM Magazine), it means you can become a respected and accepted art critic. This would position you as a thought leader in the industry and bringing more attention to your own body of work.

And unlike in the past, where you hoped one would read the magazine or newspaper, with smartphones, once you post your article, video or podcast, you have instant delivery! All for a little sweat and effort. It requires some groundwork laying in the beginning (creating your website and blog, signing up for the networks you Designing a book coverchoose like Facebook and Instagram, and organizing your content (photos of your artwork, writing articles to tell the story behind your inspiration, etc.). However, once you’ve accomplished this part, it’s smoother sailing.

Therefore, if you’re not doing social media and you are a creative, you are losing major opportunities. In social media, you never know who will click on your link and take a look. It could be someone looking to redecorate a home or office, an art critic, a gallery owner or someone looking for a wedding gift. So many possibilities – so what are you waiting for?

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