Don’t Pour the Whole Bucket of Water – A Drop at a Time Will Give You Better Results

Don’t Pour the Whole Bucket of Water – A Drop at a Time Will Give You Better Results

Why drip marketing through your blog will grow your following and increase sales!

Too many business people believe more is better; when the opposite is true. They load their websites with lots of great information – if the reader were doing research for a dissertation. What they fail to realize is today, attention spans are short; most people are just doing homework on the first go around and if you pour the whole bucket of water, what else do you have to share to maintain their interest for when they’re ready to buy? Use drip marketing instead.

So here are three key points that will deliver better results from your marketing strategy.

Impulse Buyers are Few

Unless you’re selling the latest “As Seen on TV” gadget, where impulse buyers will buy anything that promises another one for free if you act now, impulse buyers are few and far in between. Think about it? When was the last time you bought something on the first go around? Usually, buyers’ interests are piqued and they do some homework. They come to your site, if it’s well done and sticky (which means laid out to pull them in one step at a time) they will look around and gather information. They may bookmark your site if it’s well done; but usually forget they did so and most never return.

The reason they don’t return is because out-of-sight, out-of-mind. However, if you can keep your product, book or service in front of them, consistently, eventually they return and make a buying decision.

Attention Spans are too Short

50% of all local search is mobile (smartphones and tablets) and according to Microsoft Tag, in 2014, mobile Internet usage will outpace PC based usage – (read 4 KEY POINTS AND 2 TIPS TO INCREASE YOUR ONLINE SALES). Forget that on normal PCs people’s attention spans are extremely short; imagine on a 4- to 10-inch screen.

So you want to avoid trying to tell it all on your homepage. The homepage’s role on your website is to:

  • Grab their attention right away with tasteful layout and powerful headlines.
  • Provide the different methods of communication delivery, so no matter who looks, it pulls them in. Some people are visual, others are readers and others are auditory. So use videos, sliders of images and text in a mix to ensure that whatever grabs their attention, it leads them where you want them to go.
  • Direct traffic to where you have the content that will make a sale or capture them as a follower; either through a blog subscription, following you on social media or filling out a conversion form to ask you a question.

In the inner pages, you have more leeway for providing abundant information, but keep in mind even there, too much can be intimidating. Use ways of hiding information in plain view, so those who want it can get it, but those who don’t won’t get blown away by seeing too much text. You want to spoon feed the information.

Drip Marketing will provide a Steady Stream of Future Sales

Drip marketing is simply dripping on your public with great content that is helpful, so they keep coming back to your website and remember what was it that first caught their attention. This allows you to remain on their radar, build credibility and trust, and to become a thought leader to your public.

This is done with your blog. Just like this article was written to help you fine tune your marketing strategy that you found helpful enough to read, it brought you to my website where you can see the other services I offer. Hence you remember me and hopefully when you need my services, you will give me an opportunity to compete. That’s how it works! It’s not underhanded nor sly; just someone providing valuable information that is informative, helpful and/or entertaining, and a platform where it can be read. Just make sure that platform, your website, is the best it can be or all your efforts will be for naught.

Therefore, suppress the temptation to share it all, show it all and give too much away at one time. Eventually, you will share so much and build your following, your pipeline of leads will be steady and future sales assured. Here’s to starting 2013 successfully!



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