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  • Eddie Velez wrote a new post 5 years ago

    DIY On-Page SEO, Part 2: 6 More Tips for Better SEO
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    If you missed part 1 of DIY SEO tips, you may want to click above and read it first. For those of you who’ve read it last week, I am a […]

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    DIY On-Page SEO, Part 1: 5 Tips for Better Rankings
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  • Why Social Media and the Internet Are Not Only Killing the Newspaper, They’re Killing Objectivity
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    • Hi Rebecca,

      I agree. It stems from ignorance. The more you know the deeper your well to dip into to make a sound judgement. It also stems from insecurity. When one is ignorant, they pretend they’re informed. So they will defend their position no matter how harshly, simply to feed their self-esteem (or lack of it). Thank you for sharing!


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  • The Pursuit of Happiness and the Affect of Freedom of Speech in Business

    Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.
    Proverbs 17:28 ESV

    Freedom of […]

  • Fake News’ Affect on Journalism, PR and Business, and 5 Tips on What to Do
    The year 2016 has brought many changes. The first non-establishment, populist president; the return of 1960s style protests and c […]

    • That’s not the point of the article. This is based on studies, not on my opinion. Please read the cited studies. And as far as opinion inserted into news, yes, it’s the watering down of journalism into opinion news, which is a problem. One reporter’s perspective will slant left or right, based on his or her views, which leads the reader. News is supposed to be about facts (what happened) and let the reader decide what he or she thinks. That no longer exists and it’s a shame. Thank you for sharing.

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