4 Key Points and 2 Tips to Increase Your Online Sales

4 Key Points and 2 Tips to Increase Your Online Sales

Why you may be losing a boatload of sales and not even know it!

Smartphones and tablets are all the craze, so much so that PC sales have dropped as people adjust to the new normal for the Internet. With the biggest buying bloc – women 35 to 54-years old – being the most active in mobile socialization, you have to ask, “Is my website ready for the mobile revolution that has already arrived?”

When you look at the hard facts and numbers, if your website is not mobile ready, you are losing major opportunities at sales and business expansion. Let’s take a look at some stats, see what they mean and how you can capitalize on them.

Mobile Traffic Use is Up 147.4% in America since 2010

According to Visual.ly, in an infographic titled, Mobile device usage statistics, they point out that in America, mobile traffic usage is at 9.4%. While 9.4% doesn’t sound like much, consider that in 2010 it was only 3.8%. What does this mean for 2014 and beyond? When you consider that Microsoft Tag reports that by 2014, mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop usage, what will this mean for your business if your website is not mobile ready?

Users Are Shopping More and More on Tablets

You don’t have to follow statistics to see that the Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Google line of Nexus tablets, Samsung, Amazon’s line of Kindles and Barnes & Noble’s Nook are the hottest gifts this holiday season. With some premium tablets starting at under $200 (cheaper than a laptop computer and with 3 to 5 times the battery life), you think this number will rise? This is called a clue!

According to eMarketer, in an article titled, Browsers Beat Out Apps for M-Commerce, states:

• 24% of US tablet owners shop on it 2 to 3 times a month
• 20% shop on it once a week
• 12% shop on it EVERY DAY!

How much business might you be losing?

50% of all Local Searches are done on Smartphones!

Also Microsoft Tag, on the same infographic, notes that 50% of all local searches are done on Smartphones. While many companies have a national footprint, the majority of small businesses are looking for local clients. When you add that Gomez.com, in a report titled, What Users Want from Mobile, found that 46% of mobile users will NOT return to a website that didn’t work properly the first time – it’s too big a mistake to make!

Teenagers are NOT the biggest bloc; Women 35 to 54 are!

Contrary to popular belief, teenagers do NOT rule the mobile revolution; the biggest buying-decision makers do – women ages 35 to 54! Not only do they make personal buying decisions, they influence their husbands choices (you know it’s true guys: if Momma’s not happy; no one’s happy).

So what does this all mean to me? 2 Tips to increase your sales!

Website technology improves so rapidly, your one-year old website may be behind the times already. Unlike in the recent past, you no longer need to create a separate mobile website – forcing you to have two distinct sites and double the cost. Today you can get a responsive website!

Make sure your website is responsive

With responsive technology, you can create your website and blog to “respond” to the medium it’s being viewed on. In other words, if it’s on a monitor, it’s viewed at one resolution and layout. If it’s on a tablet or smartphone, it adjusts to best display your site without losing its impact or functionality.

Use a QR Code

QR codes are unique bar-codes that anyone with a smartphone camera and read, and it will take them directly to your website or wherever you want them to go. Get a QR code and put it on your flyers, business cards, postcards and coupons. This way you can direct traffic to your site in a way that is universally mobile. Microsoft Tag makes it easy for you to get a FREE QR code.

2014 will be upon us very quickly! While mobile Internet usage is already a HUGE part of e-commerce, soon it will be the leading avenue to the most important part of your marketing infrastructure – your website. After all, no matter what you do marketing wise, it all leads to one place, your website. Is it ready for prime-time?

If you need help with your website and/or online strategy, give us a call. We’ve been helping companies and professionals successfully promote online since 2003 – too include social media. We’d love to hear from you!

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